Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bok Hong Yun Chicken Rice, Damansara Uptown

Note: Another overdue post and I've lost the receipt  :(
(my procrastination is getting out of control...) 

This chicken rice shop is located in Damansara Uptown.
It is on the same row as that old photo shop, facing the LDP.
Look for its black and yellow signboard, just like this one.

The shop is quite spacious.
The floor needs mopping though as it was slippery.

The menu.
Their specialty is of course chicken rice. But they do serve noodles too.
I heard they have chicken porridge as well.


Iced Coffee O and Iced Tea with Milk

What got me excited was they have Kedondong Juice here.
It is not easy to find a place that serves kedondong juice, let alone a really good one.
Bok Hong Yun's kedondong didn't disappoint me.
Served in IKEA's glass, the juice was thick and I could tell that it's freshly prepared aka not cordial.

As there were 5 of us, we decided to order half White Chicken.
Drizzled in their secret sauce and sesame oil.
We agree that the chicken was well prepared as how a Pak Cham Kai should be.

Look how smooth the skin is....
As a true blooded Hainanese, I must say t
hat amount of fat should be credited to making this dish extra delicious  :P
So Mr. Chef, please leave the skin and fat alone....hehe.

We also added a plate of Char Siew to our order.
Ok lah. Meat is tender. It's not too bad.
But Toast & Roast at SS2 is still my favourite place to go for char siew.

I didn't try the chili sauce....

because this yummy ginger sauce got my attention.
I always must have this whenever I have chicken rice.

Although its color is darker than the rice at our nearby chicken rice stall, but the rice was good actually.
It was fluffy and not oily,  
My mom approves it  :)

My Char Siew Kai Fan  :)
A recommended place to satisfy your chicken rice cravings. 

Bok Hong Yun Chicken Rice
90G, Jalan SS21/35,
Damansara Utama,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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